The Refreshing Alternative

Hop Valley H2O crafted by Heads of Noosa is a truly refreshing, sparkling, hop-infused water that boasts punchy hop flavours and aromas. With zero sugar and zero alcohol, you can enjoy it guilt-free, or mix it up and have it your way.

HON_H20_Single Bottle_3 copy.png

Our Story

Hop Valley H2O is an Australian first carefully crafted by the team at Heads of Noosa.


Imagine a valley, nestled in the Noosa hinterland that is lined with hops and parted by a stream of crystal clear water. When the heavens open up, the stream breaks its banks and washes through the hops imparting their beautiful flavours to create what we now know as, Hop Valley H2O.

Heads of Noosa is an 100% Australian owned brewery based in the beautiful shire of Noosa. With a focus on producing only the most exceptional beer, Hop Valley H2O is definitely a deviation from our core brand but it is something we're very excited about.

This sparkling water isn't pretending to be beer, but it satisfies my "beer o'clock" feeling!